7 Ombre Shoulder Hair Colors Best Suitable for Tanned Skin, Cobain Yuk!

Who doesn’t fall in love with ombre hair color? Although it has long been popular, many women use ombre color to look more stylish and chic. Marshalova who wants to look fresher by changing the cut and color of her hair, an ombre shoulder hairstyle can be an alternative option.

Ombre itself is a gradation technique in the hair coloring process. Usually, this technique combines two colors to make the hair more dimensional. Compared to the roots of the hair, the ends of the hair usually have a lighter color. 

Choosing an ombre color can be arguably easy. For those of you who have fair skin color, any ombre color will suit your appearance. While for those of you who have tanned skin, Marsha Beauty has ombre color recommendations that can make you sweeter.

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Ombre Hair Color Suitable for Tanned Skin

Here are some ombre hair color recommendations that are suitable for you who have tanned skin. Your appearance is guaranteed to be cooler. 

Burgundy Ombre Shoulder Hair

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Shoulder haircuts are an alternative option for those of you who are tired of long hair, but lack PD with haircuts that are too short. To make your look more cool, try the application of burgundy color. Burgundy is a combination of purple and maroon that will add a modern effect to your appearance, you know. This color is also suitable for those of you who do not like bright colors. 

Golden Brown Ombre Shoulder Hair

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For those of you who want to play safely, the golden brown ombre color can be the right choice. Although it is a classic color, but the golden brown color is very suitable for tanned skin types. In addition, this color will change the dimensions of your hair. 

Ombre Balayage Green and Blonde Shoulder Hair

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Instead of coloring the trendy ombre blue shoulder hair, tanned skin owners are better suited to a combination of green and blonde balayage colors. In addition to making you look more stylish, you can freely express your favorite color through this color selection. 

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Amber Ombre Shoulder Hair

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Want to look elegant with shoulder length hair and ombre color? Calm down, you can try this one color option. Amber is a brown color with shades of yellow-orange. The color tone is brighter than the brown color in general. This color combination is still suitable for tanned skin. So, there’s nothing wrong with trying amber ombre if you’re tired of that-that hair color. 

Auburn Ombre Shoulder Hair

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The ombre auburn color can make your tanned skin look brighter, you know. To produce an auburn ombre color, you can choose a light brown color whose range is almost close to the color of your skin. This ombre shoulder hair model also makes it look more natural. 

Pink and Blonde Ombre Shoulder Hair

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Creating a feminine impression with a shoulder -length hairstyle and ombre color is not a difficult thing. With ombre pink, you will look feminine and sweet at the same time. Interestingly, ombre pink is not only available in one color choice, you can try pastel pink to bubble gum pink. 

Ombre Bronze Shoulder Hair

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Finally, for those of you who have tan skin color or a little darker, try a bronze color to look different. The bronze ombre color is quite safe, so you don’t have to be afraid that the combination will make your skin color darker or contrast. 

Approximately, what color best suits your style?